Lake Placid is a village nestled in the heart of the scenic Adirondack Mountains and is popular amongst skiers and winter sports enthusiasts as well as outdoor adventurers all year long. The city has twice hosted the Winter Olympics and is famed for the hiking trails around the serene shores of crystal-clear Mirror Lake.

    On a holiday here, you can see Olympic medals and uniforms, walk the grounds where world-class athletes trod, go fishing and boating, and enjoy the fresh mountain air. Check out the 10 best things to do in Lake Placid.


    Mirror Lake

    View the sky and city reflected in crystal-clear waters

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    Mirror Lake is named for its crystal-clear waters that reflect the sky and village and offers an escape for kayaking, canoeing, or hiking around its quiet shores. The lake is preserved and unpolluted, and it makes for a relaxing place to spend an afternoon in Lake Placid. The hiking trail surrounding the lake traverses 2.7 miles of an easy, leisurely walk.

    A beach at one end of the lake allows for swimming, and an annual Ironman Triathlon is held here. In the winter, a toboggan chute allows for sledding, and the entire lake becomes a public skating rink. Mirror Lake is located in the heart of Lake Placid.


    Olympic Ski Jump Complex

    Catch a panoramic view of Lake Placid from a historic tower

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    The Olympic Ski Jumping Complex features competitions, training, showcases, and sightseeing for visitors to Lake Placid who are interested in athletics, skiing, or Olympic history. The complex showcases both the 90-meter and 120-meter ski jump towers that were built for the 1980 Winter Olympics and draw ski enthusiasts and historians alike.

    The jumps are located just 2 miles from city centre Lake Placid in Essex County, off Old Military Road. At the top of the towers, you can visit a sky deck with a 360-degree panoramic view of the whole of Lake Placid.

    Poloha: 5486 Cascade Rd, Lake Placid, NY 12946, USA

    Otevírací doba: Daily from 9 am to 4 pm

    Telefon: +1 518-523-8830


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    Mount Jo

    Walk an easy trail that shows off the Adirondack Mountains

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    Mount Jo is a mountain that offers hiking trails to the summit where visitors can get a panoramic view of the entire Adirondack Mountains. The mountain rises to an elevation of 2,876 feet, and the hiking trails are rated as easy, so they're great for families and inexperienced hikers to walk to the peak and get a great photo opportunity.

    In the winter, Mount Jo is popular for novice snowshoers, but be cautioned: You may need snow spikes to get up the steeper sections of the trail. It's located in North Elba, about a 15-minute drive south from city centre.


    Herb Brooks Arena

    Go skating at the location of the Miracle on Ice

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    The Herb Brooks Arena draws hockey fans and historians to the historic site of the 1980 "Miracle on Ice" when the US team defeated the heavily favoured Soviet Union. It's named for the coach of the US team and has 3 indoor rinks and 1 outdoor one.

    Even better, the rinks are open to the public, and visitors have been known to bump into such famed skating figures as Rachael Flatt and Scott Hamilton. It's located in the heart of city centre Lake Placid.

    Poloha: 2634 Main St, Lake Placid, NY 12946, USA

    Otevírací doba: Friday–Saturday 24 hours (closed Sunday–Thursday)

    Telefon: +1 518-523-1655


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    Lake Placid Olympic Museum

    Learn about the 1932 and 1980 Olympic Games

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    The Lake Placid Olympic Museum pays homage and tribute to the 2 Olympics hosted by the city and is popular with Olympic enthusiasts and historians. The museum offers photos, documents, artefacts, uniforms, medals, and exhibits related to both the 1932 and 1980 Olympic Winter Games, and celebrates the fact that Lake Placid was the first city to host 2 Winter Olympics.

    Some of the exhibits on display include speedskater Jack Shea's skates, the 1932 Fram III bobsleigh, and memorabilia from the Miracle on Ice hockey team from 1980. The museum is located in the heart of city centre.

    Poloha: 2634 Main St, Lake Placid, NY 12946, USA

    Otevírací doba: Thursday–Monday from 10 am to noon and 1 pm to 5 pm (closed Tuesday–Wednesday)

    Telefon: +1 518-302-5326


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    John Brown Farm State Historic Site

    Explore the history of the Underground Railway

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    The John Brown Farm State Historic Site showcases the original home of the famed abolitionist and Underground Railway conductor John Brown. Brown was an insurrectionist who hoped to establish a community of freed slaves and abolitionists in the Adirondack Mountains who would live and work in peace.

    Brown's storey came to a tragic end when he was captured and executed after attempting to attack the US Arsenal at Harpers Ferry. He was buried on his homestead, which today features original furnishings and personal belongings that educate about the Underground Railway and life during that period. The house is just 5 minutes south of city centre.

    Poloha: 115 John Brown Rd, Lake Placid, NY 12946, USA

    Otevírací doba: Wednesday–Monday from 10 am to 5 pm (closed on Tuesdays)

    Telefon: +1 518-523-3900


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    Algonquin Mountain

    Climb the second-highest peak in the state

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    Algonquin Mountain is the second-highest summit in New York and is one of the iconic Adirondack High Peaks that are popular for hiking, wildlife viewing, and cross-country skiing. The mountain rises to 5,114 feet with an elevation gain of 2,936 feet, and the hike to the summit covers 4.3 miles.

    Hikers are asked to stay on the rocks at all times to preserve the rare and fragile alpine vegetation that grows along the trails. The hike is challenging and grows steeper as you go, passing a cascading waterfall at the 2.6-mile mark. In the winter, snowshoes are needed for the climb. The trailhead is a 16-minute drive south from city centre Lake Placid.


    Swedish Hill Winery

    Enjoy award-winning local wine

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    The Swedish Hill Winery is a family-owned legacy producer of internationally acclaimed wines and draws connoisseurs from all over the world to sample its vintages. The winery has been in production since 1969 and has been family-owned and -operated for 3 generations.

    The wines and winery have won many awards, including 3 Governor's Cups, dozens of gold medals, and Winery of the Year. Flights and glasses are available, as are tours of the winery. A gift shop allows for the purchase of everything from bottles to wine racks and personalised labels. It's right in the heart of city centre Lake Placid.

    Poloha: 5730 Cascade Rd, Lake Placid, NY 12946, USA

    Otevírací doba: Daily from 10.30 am to 5 pm

    Telefon: +1 518-523-2498


    Bobsleigh and Luge Complex

    Find out what it's like to ride an Olympic bobsleigh

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    The Lake Placid Bobsleigh and Luge Complex on Whiteface Mountain offers a unique adventure experience where you can discover the thrill of Olympic bobsleighing. The course offers a passenger-controlled adventure experience where you can guide a bobsleigh or luge along the original track used in the Olympics, albeit in a 100% safe and controlled manner.

    It's sure to get your pulse pounding and your blood pumping. The complex is located at the foot of Mount Van Hoevenberg just a few minutes' drive from city centre Lake Placid.

    Poloha: 220 Bobsleigh Run Ln, Lake Placid, NY 12946, USA

    Otevírací doba: Daily from 9 am to 4.30 pm

    Telefon: +1 518-523-4436


    Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails

    Go hiking, cross-country skiing, or mountain biking

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    The Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails are popular hiking and biking trails that are used year-round for walks, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and mountain biking. These scenic trails have ratings from easy to moderate, so any outdoor adventurer should find an appropriate trail to challenge them.

    You have your choice of 3 trails, and the initial trail takes less than 15 minutes to traverse through its lush green forests with plenty of opportunities for bird-watching and wildlife viewing. The trailhead is just a 12-minute drive from city centre Lake Placid to the north.

    Poloha: Peninsula Trails, Lake Placid, NY 12946, USA


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