Culinary hotspot Malmö is teeming with award-winning and inspiring restaurants that the locals love to visit and talk about – from humble fish stalls to Michelin-star gastropubs. The Scanian capital has it all, from interesting hospitality traditions to the battle for Sweden's best falafel. Local ingredients and new influences combine in unexpected ways, but you'll never be far from a classic kebab or a slice of traditional apple pie.

    Competition pushes down prices, especially since Malmö is a dense and flat city where diners can easily take themselves onwards to the next pub or pit stop. But even if the walking distances may be short, Malmö is still a big city packed with things to explore and enjoy.


    Little Square (Lilla torg)

    Enjoy a cosy and buzzing dining experience either indoors or out

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    Little Square (Lilla torg) is something of a culinary centre of gravity within Malmö. In the summertime, the terraces on the square and in the surrounding streets of Gamla Väster function as a casual meeting point for hungry Malmöites. But even tourists will have no trouble finding their way here, as the square is located close to both hotels and local transport connections.

    This charming and historic place dates back to the 1590s and is just a stone's throw away from Stortorget square. Few places in Malmö can rival the atmosphere and the wide range of food for all tastes that is on offer here. Restaurants serving American, Italian, Japanese and Scottish cuisine are all huddled together in one place. Many of the venues operate as bars as well, so make sure you choose a seat in the right area if you've come down for some grub.

    Poloha: Lilla torg, 211 34 Malmö, Sweden

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    Stop by for a burger – just like Malmöites have been doing for decades

    The award-winning and late-night burger joint Stippes has been an institution of Malmö nightlife for several decades and its motto is that everyone's welcome. Located on Davidshallsgatan street in the Triangeln area, this is the perfect spot for night owls with rumbling tummies. Stories from the evening are swapped and friends converge over a bite as party-goers dine side by side with emergency services personnel, taxi drivers and others out working late.

    But never fear if you're not much of a night owl, as Stippes is open for lunch time as well. Beat the crowds and swing by for a delicious burger, Hungarian sausage or classic meatballs served with fries, Béarnaise sauce and fried onions.

    Poloha: Davidshallsgatan 27, 211 45 Malmö, Sweden

    Otevírací doba: Monday–Thursday 11 am to midnight, Friday 11 am to 2 am, Saturday noon to 2 am, Sunday noon to midnight

    Telefon: +46 40 798 81


    Möllevång Square

    Get swept up in the international pulse

    Möllevång Square, or Möllan as it's known by locals, is a multi-cultural and pulsating hub on Malmö's culinary map, and the starting point for many an evening on the town. Tourists don't always venture this far south from the centre, but the location is nonetheless convenient and close to the Triangeln Train Station. During the day, you can buy lunch and fresh ingredients from the market square. In the evenings, the pace picks up and a wide array of restaurants open their doors to feed hungry diners. There's all sorts on offer, but award-winning fare from Asia and the Middle East take centre stage.

    The streets around the square also offer a wide range of enticing food from all across the globe and several concert venues and nightclubs can also be found nearby.

    Poloha: Möllevångstorget, 214 24 Malmö, Sweden

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    Jalla Jalla

    Come on down and see if their famous falafel lives up to the hype

    Jalla Jalla is known far and wide for their great falafel, cosy atmosphere and friendly service. Malmöites take their falafel seriously and love nothing more than debating and ranking their favourite joints, with Jalla Jalla normally coming in at first or second place. This fast-food favourite can be found on the street of Bergsgatan surrounded by concert venues and nightclubs, so it's closely associated with the city's nightlife.

    Despite the huge outdoor terrace, it can get quite cramped inside when hungry night owls descend, so set your sights on a daytime lunch or a quiet evening if you can. And if you're not feeling in the mood for deep-fried fare, they also have fresh kebabs and peanut burgers on the menu.

    Poloha: Bergsgatan 16, 211 54 Malmö, Sweden

    Otevírací doba: Monday–Thursday, 11 am to midnight, Friday–Saturday 11 am to 5 am

    Telefon: +46 40 623 70 00


    Malmö Market Hall (Malmö Saluhall)

    Explore new tastes and aromas in a modern market hall

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    Malmö Market Hall (Malmö Saluhall) is a new and modern market hall where guests can enjoy incredible food both outdoors and inside. The hall occupies an old warehouse building and is just a short walk away from Malmö Central Station, by the university. Many of those who work or study nearby stop in for something quick to eat, though the charming and unique atmosphere will make you want to linger for longer. Quality ingredients, tender preparation and the local ambience all leave their mark on the experience.

    The names give you a sense for the range of fare on offer: Pink Head Noodle Bar, Clemen's Grill & Traditional Eatery (Clemens Kött & Husman), Poms Sandwiches (Poms mackor), Söderholmens Fish (Söderholmens Fisk), Holy Greens and Falafel & Burgers. Or if you just fancy something small, grab an ice cream from Favvo Glass or swing by St. Jakob's Stone Oven Bakery (St. Jakobs Stenugnsbageri).

    Poloha: Gibraltargatan 6, 211 18 Malmö, Sweden

    Otevírací doba: Monday–Thursday, 11 am to 7 pm, Friday 11 am to 9 pm, Saturday 11 am to 5 pm, Sunday 11 am to 4 pm

    Telefon: +46 40 626 77 30



    Enjoy urban and innovative fare

    Lyran restaurant's decision to bet on good-quality, local ingredients in exciting combinations turned out to be a winner. This popular and award-winning restaurant is located in Möllevången in the heart of Malmö, but keeps one foot in the local countryside through its good nature and traditional fare. And yet the spirit of innovation feels right at home in the big city.

    Typical Lyran ingredients include Scanian duck, wild mushrooms from local supplier Svampa-Micke (Mushroom Mike), birch sap elixir from Peter Blombergsson or mixed herbs from Bokeslund Farm. The restaurant's location is a little off the beaten path, tucked away in the corner of a residential area, so it can be a little more difficult to find but is also quieter and more relaxed.

    Poloha: Simrishamnsgatan 36A, 214 35 Malmö, Sweden

    Otevírací doba: Tuesday–Saturday 5:30 pm to midnight, Sunday 5pm to midnight

    Telefon: +46 76 324 5228



    Vegan cuisine with a fresh Asian flair

    The varied and award-winning vegetarian buffet on offer at Vegegården draws its inspiration from trips to modern day Taiwan and China. Even meat-eaters will appreciate a visit to Vegegården, located by the museum Moderna Museet in the centre of the city, where you can sample their delicious and popular soy protein alternatives to duck, beef, prawns and fish.

    All the food is freshly prepared and well seasoned with a focus on fresh vegetables. You can order individual dishes from the menu, but it's the sprawling buffet that draws in diners for lunch on weekdays and in both the afternoons and evenings at the weekend.

    Poloha: Rörsjögatan 23, 211 37 Malmö, Sweden

    Otevírací doba: Monday–Friday 11:30 am to 3 pm, Saturday–Sunday 1 pm to 9 pm

    Telefon: +46 40 611 38 88


    Carnivore Steak House

    Sink your teeth into a juicy steak that honours the American tradition

    Carnivore Steak House is a dream come true for Malmö's meat-eaters where they can enjoy South and North American styles of cooking that put the meat itself firmly centre stage. The popular restaurant is located in the district of Rörsjöstaden, east of the centre, and is well connected by local buses. The area is also a less stressful place to find parking compared with the tourist trail.

    As is often the case with restaurants that are serious about meat, the variety of dishes is less expansive with guests able to choose between beef, lamb, chicken, salmon, burgers, a veggie spice wok and little more than that. Delicious sides such as chips, garlic bread and salad are also on offer as the perfect accompaniment to the main event. Certain to satisfy the cravings of just about any carnivore.

    Poloha: Östra Förstadsgatan 24, 211 31 Malmö, Sweden

    Otevírací doba: Sunday–Thursday 5 pm to 10 pm, Friday–Saturday 5 pm to 11 pm

    Telefon: +46 40 10 40 10


    Blå Hoddan

    Enjoy fresh fish straight from the fishers themselves

    Popular Blå Hoddan sells and serves fresh fish that has been caught along the coast from the venue's own boat. The queues can be long at this fish market and restaurant located by Malmö Castle, particularly in the summertime. Blå Hoddan is most well known for its cod, flounder, plaice and turbot, but depending on the season you can find all sorts from sea trout to lumpfish. Visitors can also enjoy smoked fish and pickled herring, especially before big public holidays like Easter and Christmas.

    Sit back in the cosy courtyard and watch the locals enjoy fish soup, fish and chips or some herring with mashed potatoes. When you're done, work off your lunch with a casual stroll around nearby Slottsparken or pop into the technology and maritime museum to learn more about life at sea.

    Poloha: Banérskajen 13, 211 18 Malmö, Sweden

    Otevírací doba: Tuesday–Friday 11 am to 4 pm, Saturday–Sunday 11 am to 3 pm

    Telefon: +46 40 12 58 38



    Experience New Nordic flavours at a unique Michelin gastropub

    Vollmers is a shining star on the local culinary scene with two coveted Michelin stars to its name and a reputation for elevating New Nordic cuisine to perfection. The tiny restaurant in the neighbourhood of Gamla Väster is a stone's throw away from Little Square (Lilla torg) and attracts foodies from all across Northern Europe. The restaurant is known for its tasting menu with an alternative touch.

    Dishes are based around the seasons and the availability of fresh, local ingredients. In fact, restaurateur Ebbe Vollmer gives a whole new meaning to the term homegrown – the menu even cites the number of kilometres away to the origin of each ingredient. A restaurant that dares to give its dishes names like "Suddenly in Vinslöv" is sure to be unique.

    Poloha: Tegelgårdsgatan 5, 211 33 Malmö, Sweden

    Otevírací doba: Tuesday–Saturday 6 pm to midnight

    Telefon: +46 40 57 97 50


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