Weymouth is a charming town for a holiday or day trip but there are a number of obscure places and hidden gems here to tick off your list. Without a hint of such places only locals know, you might otherwise miss the unusual sight of a cannonball lodged in a historic city-centre building, the world’s only dedicated mute swan swannery, or the free-standing clock tower commemorating Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. 

    And that’s just the start because the Isle of Portland has more than 2 famous lighthouses and the ruins of a castle built by Henry VIII. Check out these and more great places only locals know in Weymouth before planning your trip.


    Cannonball in the wall

    Evidence of the English Civil War

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    The 'cannonball in the wall' is one of the most unusual sites you can encounter in Weymouth. It is evidence of the English Civil War that dates back to the 1600s. As you round the corner of Maiden Street and St Edmund Street, you’ll see the obscure round missile lodged high up in the aged stone wall of one of the buildings. 

    Quite surreal to many, the cannonball is a storied part of Weymouth lore, and certainly one of the hidden gems of Weymouth. It may require a bit of a hunt at first. But look up, and it's lodged right under one of the top windows of the building.

    Poloha: RAFA Club, 40A, Maiden Street, DT4 8AY, UK


    Autor fotografií: Richard Symonds (CC BY 3.0) upraveno


    Old Higher Lighthouse

    Enjoy a photo-op at this eye-catching landmark

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    Old Higher Lighthouse in Weymouth is a well-preserved and eye-catching landmark that's brightly whitewashed and has a semi-detached cottage. It is now available as a historic cottage where you can enjoy a night’s getaway.

    The rather short and portly lighthouse is fun to take pictures of, and even more fun is to think about the significance of its task that began in the early 1700s. Countless ships were saved from the isle’s rocky coast by the Old Higher Lighthouse. You can easily spot this historic landmark, and it’s a hidden gem that you’ll surely to want to see.

    Poloha: Portland Bill, Higher Light Lane, Portland DT5 2JT, UK

    Otevírací doba: By appointment

    Telefon: +44 (0)1305 822300


    Autor fotografií: Andrew Bone (CC BY 2.0) upraveno


    Turtle Sanctuary

    Experience nature preservation at this hidden gem

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    If you plan to visit Sea Life in Weymouth, you have to check out the hidden gem that is the Turtle Sanctuary. The name is exactly what it represents, as the turtles in the Turtle Sanctuary have been rescued after being injured or if they've lost their way, with the goal to release as many back to the seas as possible. 

    You can see the hope that these turtles have in a well-cared-for environment that mimics their natural habitats without the harm of plastics or unnatural predators.

    Poloha: SEA LIFE Centre Weymouth, Lodmoor Country Park, Weymouth DT4 7SX, UK

    Otevírací doba: Daily from 10 am to 4 pm

    Telefon: +44 (0)1305 761070


    Abbotsbury Swannery

    Witness the unique sight of a massive swan colony

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    Abbotsbury Swannery will be a dream come true if you’ve always wanted to experience mute swans in their natural habitat. Well known by locals, the swannery is a fascinating, one-of-a-kind experience as you can walk through the massive colony of swans. You could spend your entire stay appreciating the beauty of the swans, or stop by the remains of a historic monastery. 

    Abbotsbury Swannery also has areas where kids can play. Overall, Abbotsbury Swannery is a great place to enjoy the outdoors, either as a family or a photographer thanks to the unique scenery.

    Poloha: New Barn Road, Abbotsbury, NR Weymouth, Dorset, DT3 4JG, UK

    Otevírací doba: Daily from 10 am to 5 pm

    Telefon: +44 (0)1305 871858


    Jubilee Clock

    A historic landmark on Weymouth's coast

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    The Jubilee Clock is a unique and colourful clock tower on Weymouth Beach that's a celebratory landmark and has been charming visitors and locals for over 130 years. The Jubilee Clock in Weymouth was erected in the late 1800s to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. 

    The red accents and curved golden crown with a weathervane are just some of the striking and recognizable features of the Jubilee Clock. The Clock is hidden in plain sight, as it is located right on the coast by a fairly busy road. If you don’t look out for it, you could come and go without noticing the landmark.

    Poloha: S W Coast Path, Weymouth DT4 7BE, UK


    Portland Bill Lighthouse

    A century-old lighthouse that still serves its purpose

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    The functioning Portland Bill Lighthouse is a 100-year-old landmark that stands tall above the rocky cliff with its distinctive red and white stripes. The lighthouse is an icon of the Dorset coast, but it’s off the beaten path, so you likely need to plan for driving out to go see it and enjoy its spectacular sight. 

    Not only is it an impressive sight, but it also serves as a visitor centre that exhibits maritime history. There is also a restaurant on the premises, so you could make an afternoon of it if you wanted to.

    Poloha: Bill Lighthouse, Old Coastguard Cottages, Portland DT5 2JT, UK

    Otevírací doba: Saturday–Thursday from 10 am to 5 pm (closed on Fridays)

    Telefon: +44 (0)1305 821050


    Portesham Vineyard

    Take a tasty tour in Weymouth

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    Portesham Vineyard, now known as the Little Waddon Vineyard, is an award-winning vineyard with an eco-friendly approach. This boutique vineyard uses organic techniques to produce artisanal wines. You can schedule a wine tasting and tour of the vineyard, which would make a lovely addition to your Weymouth trip. 

    A visit to Little Waddon is by appointment only, so don’t forget to schedule in advance. In addition to the tasty tour, the grounds themselves are picturesque of a small British vineyard.

    Poloha: Winter's Ln, Waddon, Weymouth DT3 4ER, UK

    Otevírací doba: By appointment

    Telefon: +44 (0)7890 478634


    Sandsfoot Castle

    Stop by to explore the artillery fort

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    Sandsfoot Castle, also known as Weymouth Castle, is one of the most unusual and profoundly historic sites you can visit in Weymouth. Dating back to Henry VIII, Sandsfoot Castle is an artillery fort that is now mostly in ruins, but it still displays intricate stonework and stands as a historic representation of protecting against invasions. 

    The castle is set on the edge of the coast, which provides you with an additional reason to visit to appreciate the beauty of the water that sprawls out to the horizon.

    Poloha: 39 Old Castle Rd, Weymouth DT4 8QE, UK

    Otevírací doba: Daily from 10 am to 5 pm


    River Wey

    Relax on the River Thames tributary

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    River Wey is the tributary of the River Thames which runs through some of the most pleasant and scenic naturopaths and parks around Weymouth. Scenic views aside, you are sure to find many types of activities to enjoy around River Wey. 

    You could take photos of one of the historic bridges over the river or rent a small boat to get a more intimate look up and down the botanically shady river. Another popular activity, especially among locals, is to enjoy a quick dip in the River Wey on a hot day.


    Pirate Graveyard

    Beautiful burial grounds to explore

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    The “Pirate Graveyard” of St Andrews Church in Weymouth is as unique as it is infamous. The historic graveyard behind the church has been romanticized to some extent, but this is one of the most beautiful and unusual sites around. The skull and crossbones on many of the graves tell a tale that captures your adventurous imagination. 

    You’ll find that it’s a bit of a hike up to the Pirate Graveyard, but the many steps are well worth the track. You won’t regret capturing the views of the ancient church grounds and the extensive beauty of the channel that stretches to the horizon.

    Poloha: Avalanche Rd, Portland DT5 2EQ, UK

    Otevírací doba: 24/7

    Telefon: +44 (0)1305 824381


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